G-Wagen Driveshafts

W460 Upgraded Driveshaft Set
W460 Upgraded Driveshaft Set
W460 G-Wagen upgraded driveshaft set.

We now produce upgraded driveshafts for the W460 Mercedes G Wagens! These are made in the USA and feature a lifetime warranty!

We are currently looking for a W463 4 door G for development. If you have a W463 and need new driveshafts, contact us! Less than half the price of OEM shafts and free installation!

Brand new direct fit upgraded driveshafts for Mercedes W460 G-Wagens.

W460 Mercedes G-Wagen Driveshafts
Upgraded W460 Driveshafts. Better than OEM Mercedes. Rebuildable!



There is currently a two week lead time on these driveshafts. From the time you order to the time the shafts ship will be 10-12 business days.

PLEASE CONFIRM COMPATIBILITY USING PART NUMBERS!! These vehicles use many different part numbers based on model, options (such as 4 door, 2 door, etc) and year. If you are unsure what part number you need, please email us your VIN and we can look it up.

These driveshafts are 100% made in the USA.

This is a complete set of driveshafts that fit the following part numbers:
Rear shaft – 4604100502
Front – 4604102004
Middle – 4604101804

These driveshafts come with a lifetime warranty against failure. Exclusions to the warranty include neglecting to grease the driveshafts, severe off-road impact damage, and applications with over 550HP.

The driveshafts are built to the highest quality standard and came about because of the extreme cost of OEM replacement driveshafts and lack of longevity of the factory non-greasable u-joints. These driveshafts feature greaseable Spicer 1350 Cold Forged U-Joints. These are an upgraded version of the same cast u-joints found in Ford Super Duty trucks as well as dozens of other application from GM, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, and more. The joints are available on the shelf at any parts store across the country and are easily replaceable. In the W460 application, with proper grease applications, these joints should NEVER fail.

The slip joints are heavy duty with replaceable seals. No more weak splines. The tubing is heavier gauge and larger diameter while only gaining 4lbs each over the weak stock shafts. The driveshafts are 100% bolt-in.

Some vehicles may require a very slight modification to the front diff-lock lever if equipped. We have found in some cases that if the transfer case bushings are worn, the front diff lock lever can rub on the driveshaft yoke when engaged. In these cases, simply bend the diff lock rod 1/4″ to the outside of the vehicle. This modification can be done in less than 2 minutes.